[What the App?!] – Letterpress (via SheGeeks)!


By VM25 Blogger Corvida Raven / SheGeeks.net


The Good

If Scrabble and Words with Friends had a threesome with Tweetie, Letterpress might be their love child. First off, you’re going to need to sign-in to Game Center to play this game. Annoying, but it’s necessary to play.

You’re immediately greeted with a clean white background lined with two monochrome icons that become dotted with the colors red or blue once you’ve started a game. Letterpress isn’t just about creating words from a 5×5 board of lettered tiles. Your objective is to cover this board with your color, red or blue, using your words.  And no, you don’t get to pick your color.

[What the App?!] – Letterpress (via SheGeeks)!

The Great

The rules are simple; use more than two letters when making a word and words can only be played once (prefix of previous words played don’t count).

The longer your words are, the more tiles you cover with your color. Additionally, you can steal your opponents tiles simply by using them in a word of your own, as long as they aren’t surrounded by the same color. Protecting tiles requires you to surround them with tiles of the same color. Those tiles are still usable, but they won’t change colors when used.

When every tile on the board has a color, the game ends. The person with the most tiles wins.

[What the App?!] – Letterpress (via SheGeeks)!

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