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By Jackie, Feed Contributor

They're legendary, memorable, collectable, and coveted. They fill our desktop backgrounds, our screen savers, our twitter wallpapers. They're how we identify our favorite sets of songs, the best artists, and eras past.

I'm talkin' 'bout album covers.

And doesn't it just freaking suck when one of them doesn't show up in your music player? Like, it's 2012 - why is that thing not being pulled in? The brilliant minds behind Album Art Grabber thought the same thing, G.M.T.A. (amirite?).

The Album Art Grabber app solves the problem of missing album artwork, scouring record collections in basements and record stores across the globe for hidden album covers, and delivering them straight to your phone's SD card.


Missing several album covers in the portals of music's past? Ain't no thang. You only have to click this app once to get all the covers you're missing.

Download a new record today? Album Art Grabber is already on the hunt for its cover.

Have a mixtape with some cover art you made in 6th grade? Pull it from your SD card and set your own artwork.

This super-sick app also features a custom search, built-in media scanner, data from LastFM & MusicBrainz and more.

The only thing it's missing is a plugin to find my car keys.



[What the App?!] – Album Art Grabber

[What the App?!] – Album Art Grabber

[What the App?!] – Album Art Grabber


[What the App?!] – Album Art Grabber
[What the App?!] – Album Art Grabber
What's your all-time favorite album cover? Tell us in the comments below! PS have you seen The Kitten Covers? ME-OW.

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  • DjDanyG

    Donna Summer Four Seasons Of Love. 1977 Casablanca Records.my favorite album and cover of all time. You should check it out.