[VIDEO] Kids Review Skrillex’s Bangarang


Dear Noisey: can we please combine offices and then you can bring your kids to work everyday and I can have them on air for guest commentary purposes? Actually, scratch that as they’d put me out of a job. Need proof? Behold the new installment of Who Actually Listens To… where Noisey staffers’ children provide their unbridled opinions on hot tracks (check their Azealia Banks one here). See the nail-biting critique regarding Virgin Mobile 2012 FreeFest headliner Skrillex below! OMIGOSH 23 DAYS TO GO!

This song makes me feel crazy; like I’ve eaten loads of sweets
This music makes me want to slap my sister’s fat bum
Daddy loves step-step
This is just like my grandma’s sofa

and my very favorites: “I think the drop is when you stop being sensible” & “Where’s the afterpawty

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