The DOs And DON’Ts Of Halloween


Candyfest 2012 is on, my friends. Let's mark the occasion by tagging up the joint. Boo - Virgin Mobile

1. Do give out plenty of free candy to the kiddies



2. Don't make it awkward



3. Do make a costume that has making out built in



4. Don't craft a costume that would make a sailor blush



5. Do get some self satisfaction by going homemade



6. Do share a frightening tale or two or three



7. Do be that guy



8. Do make it nearly impossible for geeks to look away



9. Don't begin with a bad ending



10. Don't skimp on the goods



11. Don't forget to stock up



12. Don't... just don't



13. Do take pumpkin carving seriously



14. Don't TP this guy's house



15. Do enjoy the gawks and gazes as you hoof it home from a killer night


Virgin Mobile

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