[PHOTOS] Abbey’s Exclusives: Grimes LIVE at River Rocks


Photos by Abbey Braden
Pier 84
Hudson River Park
New York City

August 2012
Wow. Just wow. Leave it to the good people of River Rocks to compile a free lineup with 3 of my favorite bands: DIIV, Wild Nothing and Grimes (aka Claire Boucher) in the shadow of the USS Intrepid as the sun set over the Hudson river. As surreal as that sounds (hipster parade on the West Side Highway!) the water does wonders for acoustics. Hang on, I’m going to stop there. You know this really shouldn’t be classified as a concert review because it’s pretty biased and is composed of lots and lots and lots of pictures of Grimes. It’s her dancing in socks behind a folding table, live looping and twisting an infinite combonation of knobs, two dancers and some bubble machines. Which (we now know) is all that you need. Pick up a copy of Grimes’ Visions ASAP! - Abbey Braden

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  • Abnaxus

    Gr8 photos!