[OMG] Lady Gaga’s “Born This Way Ball” Tour 2013 Presented by Virgin Mobile USA!!


OMG, YOU GUUUUYYYYSSS!!! We're going on tour with MO†HER MONS†ER again!

Virgin Mobile USA is SO freaking pumped to be part of Lady Gaga's North American "Born This Way Ball" Tour 2013 and can't wait to see you all-kinds of Gagafied.

[OMG] Lady Gaga's Born This Way Ball 2013 Presented by Virgin Mobile USA!!

A huge part of this tour is raising awareness for homeless youth in LGBT communities, and there will be tons of ways for you to help our RE*Generation program and Gaga's Born This Way Foundation while at the show. You can tweet to help your local homeless shelter, and even text on your mobile to help homeless youth. Plus, there's a super special surprise for a Little Monster at each show. This surprise includes a $5,000 donation made to a homeless youth shelter in your city, in your name!

Love littlemonsters.com? GOOD! We'll have some sweet surprises there for you as well.

PLUS, there's going to be REALLY fun stuff happening on Samsung Galaxy devices at each tour stop.

Are you SPEECHLESS yet?

Stay tuned for deets, and...

'cause you were born this way, baby.


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