History’s Greatest Pics Of Lil Wayne As A Sk8r Boii


So the rapper and his friends beat up a photographer's bike with their skateboards. TMZ has some pics of that nonsense, but these pics of Lil Wayne doing typical sk8r boii stuff are way better.

1. Typical Sk8r Boii Picking Up Chick

2. Sk8r Boii Tweet

3. Lil Lil Sk8r Boii's Role Model

4. Rapper Skater Boii With "Cool" Fans Photo #1 of 443,483,598,045

5. Sk8r Boii Wipeout

6. Standard Sk8r Boii With Board Pose

7. Celeb Sk8r Boii Endorsement

8. MTV Cribs-esque Sk8r Boii Still

9. Shirtless Sweaty Sk8r Boii In Front of Graffiti

10. Sk8r Boii Mid-trick Shot For New Facebook Profile Picture

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