Animals That Are Not Bunnies That Are Dressed In Bunny Attire


Easter means bunny time, especially for pet owners...cruel and unusual pet owners.

"Y U call us guinea pigs? We bunneez."

“I’z going to steal ur sock when u sleep...and put fish on bof yer houses!”

“Ralphie iz the only 1 who understand.”

"Iz this over yet? I hav nap to take.”

“Thankz God we're not alone, Carl.”

“Oopz. U gonna need scooper”

“Me thinks I can peez all over carpet to night…yeah…dats wht I’ll do.”

“I hink ha carrot eesh huck in naye nout.”

“Double foodz baby make besss bed.”

“Too depress to move, I hayte bunneez.”

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