Scissor Sisters New Album Details & LIVE Photos

So the Scissor Sisters have FINALLY announced their fourth studio album Magic Hour (dropping May 28th in the UK) and a batch of tour dates to match. SWOON. Seriously because we pretty much talk about how fabulous they are every day on air! Speaking of which, we’ve had the first single “Only the Horses” in high rotation here – co-produced by Calvin Harris – and today they just released the second called “Let’s Have a Kiki” which continues the legacy of EDM traditionally setting TMI voicemails over fierce beats. The result is an amazing amble through all sorts of realness in the nightlife psyche. YAY.

You know what else is amazing? Getting to shoot onstage during their set at Bonnaroo last year! The main photos ran in another publication, but I set these exclusives aside for a rainy day. And it’s raining, raining men – must be because they played down the street last night. Snap snap in a z formation! Anyway, back to the shoot. I was expecting Jake Shears to get “cheeky” in his chaps later in the set, as was tradition during their Night Work tour. However I was not expecting pyrotechnics, especially in the middle of a dusty dance tent in Tennessee. Once you hear that “Fwoomp!” noise you better clear outta the way. I remember texting my friend “FLAMES!!!” They sent back “METAPHORICAL?” and I had to peck out “LITERAL” in reply. While dodging flames. Any which way, y’all. Any which way you can.

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