Premiere: Behind the Scenes of Snow Patrol’s Fallen Empires

To celebrate the release of Snow Patrol‘s sixth – and what some are calling their finest – album, they’ve granted us a behind the scenes peek into their collaboration with the LA Mass Gospel Choir for their track “The Garden Rules“. It’s something really special to behold. As far as the record goes, it’s a jam packed ride of no less than 14 tracks that reach way beyond what Snow Patrol is known for. Some are calling it ambitious, we call it epic. Fallen Empires debuts today.

I love how adding a gospel choir just makes everything come together no matter how random the music. Example? Gorillaz. Done and Done. WAIT. Check out the part where Gary is using a webcam from his studio. Is that a framed copy of U2‘s War in the background? I love it. You can take the boy out of Ireland but you can’t take the Ireland out of … Scratch that. This post should be titled Fallen Empires: When Glasgow met South Central. As Jay-z would say, Glory!

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