Best. Halloween. Songs. Ever.

Yes, Halloween is almost over. No, I’m not dropping it – especially in light of Matt and Kim and Andrew WK and Soulja Boy‘s release of “I’m a Goner” today – shout out to the Converse Rubber Tracks Studio! Halloween is one of my two favorite days of the year (the other being Chinese New Year because everyone should get to ring in their bdays with dragon dances and fireworks), so I’m running with the theme and there’s no looking back! Here are some of my fave spooky songs. Feel free to leave yours in the comments…

HOLY EFFING HELL I LOVE THE SONICS. Garage rock straight outta Washington in its truest form. It kills me how they look so preppy but play such dirty riffs! I would have been such a groupie if I were alive back then. Punk rock before punk existed. Next up we have some Michael Jackson, but not the video that you might expect.

Hey Rockwell – maybe if you stopped taking so many showers and walking around in a towel people wouldn’t have to watch you. Stop being such an attention ho! Yup that’s Michael Jackson singing the chorus and Jermaine Jackson on backing vocals on “Somebody’s Watching Me“. Not bad!

MOAR you-know-what.

During our first trip to New York, my brother had the foresight to write down the telephone number for Ghostbusters, which we promptly called upon our arrival. It was disconnected, which we assumed was because the Ghostbusters had done their job.

My fave rendition of this song, with respect to Nina Simone of course.

This is for Mike, because he’ll listen to this song any day of the year. Gotcha.

Obvious choice, but very near and dear to my heart. I think Goth culture was just crossing over into the mainstream when The Nightmare Before Christmas came out. You know, when Hot Topic hadn’t spread yet and you had to go to Newbury Street to find Manic Panic.

Classic. Duh. GO FORTH AND GET CANDY! Until next year y’all!

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