Misfits on Virgin Mobile Live

OHMIGOSH MISFITS! VML HQ transformed into a Fiend Club extravaganza today when Jerry, Dez, and Chupacabra swung by for some world premieres of tracks off their upcoming album The Devil’s Rain, and more. I literally ran down the hallway of the 14th floor bellowing “Misfits are here!!!!!!!!!!!!” on my way to fetch them from the (thankfully soundproofed) lobby. Out of the 400 or so guests we’ve had on the show, that was a first, and DEFINITELY an indication of the awesomeness to come. Like, beyond comprehension fun. Fingers crossed and praying I did justice to the amazing opportunity to have them on the show. Give a listen to the interview with song clips below.

If checking them out in the (zombie) flesh is more your thing, they have a very special treat in store. The band will be at the 7th annual Johnny Ramone Tribute at Hollywood Forever Cemetery on October 1st, where you’ll be able to snatch up limited edition goodies (“blood” spattered clear vinyl?) on site 3 days before the album hits stores. Keep an ear peeled for JuiceheaD, who’s album How to Sail a Sinking Ship drops on Misfits Records October 4th as well. Having held copies of both in my hot little hands today, I can say without hesitation that it will put buying physical copies of albums back on your radar. Here’s to building up a whole new generation of fiends!

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