The Pains of Being Pure at Heart at Øyafestivalen

Photos by Abbey Braden
Oslo, Norway
August 12, 2011

Wow, hard to know where to being with this one. Sometimes you have friends that decide to join indie pop superpowers and form a band. This one hits it out of the park and they’re off (literally) to save the world, and the longest convos you have with ‘em are when your paths cross in airports miles away from home. Seeing as how some of the best quality time with friends can be found in conjunction with music events, I was incredibly happy when I saw The Pains of Being Pure at Heart on the lineup for Øya this year. It’s always nice to run into people when you’re overseas (especially during festival season) and getting to witness them in action for an international gig – let’s just say they were total pros.

Between the time I spent with them at Lollapalooza and me flying straight to Norway, they had driven back to NYC to open for The Kills‘ during their Terminal 5 shows. That meant they took the redeye flight to land in Oslo at 8AM the day of their √òya gig, rounding up all the gear and trying to grab an hour’s nap at the hotel, heading to the grounds, loading in, playing a set in front of thousands and thousands of people (with Twin Shadow swinging by to say hey), and then getting back to the hotel and bracing themselves for yet another incomplete night of sleep. See, they had to be up at 3AM for a 4 hour drive to the airport for a flight to the next fest in a neighboring country where they would do it all over again. All while figuring out the setlists and culturally appropriate stage banter. I don’t know how they do it!

Watching them doze in the hotel lobby in the wee hours of the morning surrounded by hardcases of equipment, all I could think was a) here you look like you could use a blanket b) I am so effing proud of you and c) HOLY CRAP YOU GUYS HAVE THE SAME PUBLICIST THAT NIRVANA DID. Yes, I do have a polaroid of the 3AM Pains, and no, I’m not posting it here. Some things are better left unpublished (or until their version of Behind the Music drops but only if they say it’s ok)! PS Be sure to pick up their epic album Belong here.

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