TV on the Radio Live at Stubb’s TX

Photos by Abbey Braden
Stubb’s BBQ
SXSW 2011
Austin, Texas

Well here we are – exactly 3 weeks until Freefest 2011. I’m so excited for people to experience Virgin Festival alums TV on the Radio live, especially if they haven’t before (hi Mom!) because it is incredibly special. With that in mind I dug out these photos from their SXSW set at Stubb’s BBQ. YES, a BBQ restaurant, where Duran Duran played 24 hours earlier! Because that’s how they roll in Texas (hi again Mom). Gotta represent. Anyway TVotR started this performance with the hypnotic humming opener of “Young Liars” – they took their time getting to the point, which just made people go even more crazy with anticipation – and kicked off into newer songs like “Caffeinated Consciousness” and “Will Do” off of Nine Types of Light. Thankfully they included “The Wrong Way” in the set, which I had my fingers crossed for, because the energy that Tunde delivers with that one is almost beyond comprehension. It’s like a good ole fashion gospel revival crossed with the freneticism of a Stooges gig. They’ll make believers outta all of us. 21 days to go!

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