MP3: Lemonade Cover Shai’s “The Place Where You Belong”

BEST NEWS EVER! The last time I saw Lemonade play live was New Year’s Eve with Surfer Blood in NYC a couple years ago and they killllllled it. I think that was when people were throwing the “Brooklyn Tropicalia” moniker around, but these guys are most definitely more than a “scene” (you have to say “scene” in a mom voice with air quotes). We had it on good authority that the boys were working on new material, but had I known they would be covering a song off the Beverly Hills Cop III soundtrack to tide us over I probably would have camped outside their studio. Erm, perhaps it’s best that things unfolded the way they did… anyway do the right thing and give ‘em a Like on Facebook. It’s what Axel Foley would do, I swear.

The Place Where You Belong by LemonadeMusic

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