New Mister Heavenly Song!

FINALLY. Because the question floating around these parts lately was just *how* Mister Heavenly would follow up their first two tracks off their upcoming album Out of Love. What we had to go on is 1) the self contradictory theme song, or 2) the tune about an 8-year old little girl and her pen pal Manuel Noriega aptly titled “Pineapple Girl”. Well today’s your lucky day, because the 3rd track is now available for download. It’s called “Bronx Sniper” and we’ll leave it at that. Thanks Sub Pop! So until this Voltron-esque triumvirate of a supergroup announces tour dates, this will tide us over. Yeah, we already had them in studio. What up bragging rights? HAPPY FRIDAY! Mister Heavenly is coming to get you.

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