Our Fave Sing-Talking Songs

Mike saw David Byrne in Whole Foods yesterday (cut to me moving to Chelsea ASAP), and the way he recognized the icon was by how Mr. Byrne answered the cashier when she asked how much the tomatoes were. “A dollar eightyNINNNNE a Pound” for future reference. Anyway he didn’t just state the answer in a matter-of-fact flat voice, he kind of did that sing-talk thing that he is famous for. That got me thinking about my fave sing-talky songs or whatever the preferred nomenclature is. Not included: Hip-hop, Woody Guthrie, Pet Shop Boys. What are your picks?

The Sultans of Ping FC “Where’s Me Jumper” – Ireland punk exports beat Hipstamatic by 20 years with this vid.

CSS “Alala” – It’s no secret that WE LIVE for this band.

Datarock “Sex Me Up” – Rock Steady Freddie sing talking at his best.

New York Dolls “Looking For a Kiss” – Watch this clip – apparently it was a turning point for a young Morrissey.

M.I.A. “XR2″ – off of Kala. So cool, so detached.

Bumblebeez “Dr Love” – The rubber ducky sharpie tattoos get me EVERY TIME.

LCD Soundsystem “Watch the Tapes” – You heard the man – READ ALL THE PAMPHLETS!

Nina Hagen “New York New York” – so good they named it twice. Never ceases to amaze / terrify.

Art Brut “DC Comics and Chocolate Milkshakes” – off their Frank Black produced album Art Brut vs Satan.

Tom Tom Club “Wordy Rappinghood” – OF COURSE!

New Young Pony Club “Ice Cream” – Definitely took a page from the book of Tina Weymouth.

and last but DEFINITELY not least – especially in denouement shock value: The Velvet Underground “The Gift”

Here’s the part where we examine just how many of these bands were on The NME’s “New Rave” Tour in 2006. Damn. Maybe they were onto something after all (apart from the bands being fresh and awesome). Anyway, GO FORTH AND BELLOW for the rest of the day in their honor!

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