How To Make a Gaga Mini-Meat Dress

When I was little I wanted nothing more than to be able to wave a magic wand at my closet and have fabulous clothes appear out of nowhere. My mom gently explained that I should practice by making miniature versions for my dolls. Before you can say “Fashion Plate” we were out of saran wrap and paper towels and my Glow Worm had the snazziest wedding dress on the block.

Who knew that years later Harumika would launch a line of mini mannequins to act as dress forms for children? Looks like my stuffed animals didn’t suffer in vain. To celebrate the launch in conjunction with the London Toy Fair, Harumika commissioned London College of Fashion student Anna Chong to whip up an exclusive lilliputian collection. Her muse? None other than Lady Gaga. Yes.

Chong tackled a range of costumes from Gaga’s ouevre – the McQueen red lace dress from the 2009 VMAs, the bubble dress from her David LaChapelle Rolling Stone cover – it’s all there. INCLUDING THE MEAT DRESS. Grazia says that it took the designer over two weeks to find the exact right meat combo for the fabric. Me? I would have just grabbed a slice of bacon and got on with it. Hey, we all have our gifts!

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