Live Video: Rich Aucoin

On today’s show we talked about the sheer liquid awesomeness that is Rich Aucoin. It’s so embarrassing, I should have been on to him MUCH sooner but I have a debilitating habit of assuming that a “First Name + Last Name” band means some singer songwriter with an acoustic guitar. It’s the same reason that it took me ages to catch onto Katie Stelmanis! Anyway last night I caught his residency at Pianos in NYC (Shout out to Ice Cream Man and Bumpershine for the tip). When I walked in everyone was wearing 3D glasses and there was silly string hanging from the rafters. Now I have a soft spot in my heart for bands that play like their life depends upon it, and Mr. Aucoin definitely falls smack into that category. As discussed here is video footage – I’m going to start rating gigs now by the amount of glowsticks that are around! Tune in on Tuesday February 22nd when the man himself will be in studio. BOOM! In case you can’t tell, that’s the sound of the unfurling of a parachute complete with glitter explosion (see below). Carry on.

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