Video: No Doubt Settle Down

DUDE, summer is halfway over, but I’ve kind of been feeling like it couldn’t really start until the first No Doubt single dropped. What can I say, I never claimed to be not-obsessed with pop music! It’s called “Settle Down” and the video was directed by the incredible (and Shakespeares Sister BFF) Sophie Muller. It’s brilliant and in trademark No Doubt fashion smashes styles that you’d never think to pair before. The Bollywood moves layered with Country and Western line dancing? The bondage pants made out of both Indian Shisha fabric and classic Black and White checkered material (Ska style!)= Amazing.

As for product placement, I don’t know about you, but I’m suddenly hankering to go out and buy an Ice watch and some Cover Girl Infallible Lip Color. It sure as hell is a lot more subtle than that Little Dragon Absolut funded “Sunshine” video. *ANYWAY* SM can do no wrong, and she’s already worked with the band on videos for “Don’t Speak” and “Simple Kind of Life” so they have a longstanding relationship. I love it when that happens with bands and video directors. Now it’s been over a decade since we’ve gotten a new album outta Gwen, Tony, Adrian and Tom – so needless to say Push and Shove‘s arrival on September 25th can’t come fast enough! Also do yourself a favor and watch it full screen. PS #SPIDERWEBS4evs

For more of a taste of what’s to come: check out this footage of the band in studio (Santa Monica of course!) working on the title track off of Push and Shove. It’s a collaboration with Jamaican artist Busy Signal and drumroll…. Major Lazer! I so called that one! There was no way there could be a new No Doubt album without Diplo stopping by!

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