In Memorial: Michael Jackson A True Apollo Legend Photos

Wow – has it really been 3 years since the King of Pop departed this earthly realm? Someone just reminded me of this event I (BEYOND ALL POSSIBLE COMPREHENSION) ended up getting into with my pals TJ & The Tux… who had just had the Reverend Al Sharpton on their radio show which was our ticket in the stage door. POP MAGIC. It was the most exuberant memorial service I’ve ever been lucky enough to attend, MC’d by the aforementioned Rev. Sharpton and Spike Lee. There was so much love, joy, and memories of the good times surrounding The Apollo and it was a true honor to have been in attendance in Harlem that day. See the full set of pics HERE.

PS This year marks the 25th anniversary of Bad. Bananas right? The songs still sound new today!

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