Mp3: Dead Leaf Echo Act of Truth

If you’re a regular listener to our radio show, you might have heard me ramble on about the crazy East Village co-op I live in. Everyone on the top floor is (legally and emotionally) responsible for the roof directly above their apartment. We looked our address up via the satellite view on Google Maps once, and sure enough a quick zoom into the roof decks revealed something about each tenant. Mine was blatantly packed with evidence of partying: pillows that came from I STILL don’t know where, two hammocks, and the bbq pit I only ever use for s’mores purposes… you get the picture.

Anyway the sommelier at the end of the hall, Joe, had manicured hedges and varnished fence that turned out to be hiding (thanks Google Earth!) an 8 by 8 foot patch of lush green grass. Since Joe wouldn’t be caught dead in the city during the summer months the rest of us on the 5th floor would at some point or other vault over the fence and have midnight star gazing sessions. It was simply too hot to do anything else! I can only imagine what other people thought of our behavior – like, the Brady Bunch 4AD edition – but it was home.

Now I had no idea who Brooklyn trio Dead Leaf Echo before today, but 4 seconds into “Act of Truth” I felt like they knew ME. Like, at the exact moment of spinning around before collapsing onto the cool grass upstairs on Joe’s (mini) lawn. Gazing upward into infinity and discussing really deep matters like celestial patterns, if you had really seen a UFO in 1996 or it was just the E talking… and who would be the next one to trek downstairs and buy ice. Anyway, “Act of Truth” is one side of a split 7″ that Dead Leaf Echo are putting out with San Fransciso band Slowness. Pre-orders sold out, but check back with Green Fuse Records on June 26th for the official release. I cannot wait to see this band live. Let’s here it for split 7 inches and summers in the city! Tour dates after the jump.

6/23 – Inciting HQ – Philadelphia, PA
6/24 – Gansevoort Park – New York, NY (DJ Set @ 5:30PM)
6/29 – T.T.’s The Bears – Boston, MA
6/30 – Paperbox – Brooklyn, NY (Split 7″ Release Party)
7/20 – South Park Tavern – Dayton, OH
7/21 – Big Day In Festival 2 – Columbus, OH
7/27 – Big Snow Buffalo Lodge – Brooklyn, NY
8/2 – Pete’s Candy Store – Brooklyn, NY (Acoustic show)
9/8 – Cameo Gallery – Brooklyn, NY

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