[ABBEY'S BLOG]: WATCH “LaLa” – Kidsof88


Man, we here at VML love Kidsof88 on so many levels. I saw them live for the first time (by accident!) at CMJ in 2010 and my heart just melted! Since then they’ve been on the radio show and stopped by the VML Freehouse in Texas, so needless to say their new album is *highly anticipated* around these parts. It’s called Modern Love and will be released on October 5th! Anyway check out their new video for “Lala” which is directed by Levi Beamish. We’ve been spinning the hell out of the first single “Tucan” (shout out to Alisa from The Naked and Famouson guest vox) and can’t wait to add this to the mix!

PS when I searched “Kids of 88 Modern Love” on Amazon for a preorder link, THIS CAME UP. 5 words: CONSTELLATION SEA TURTLE NIGHT LIGHT. It’s not the album but it’s a sweet consolation prize!

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