[ABBEY'S BLOG] Video Premiere & MP3: Turnpike Glow



If – like myself – music utterly dictates your every mood, you *might* want to check out this band. For real. Turnpike Glow make music so insanely catchy it can leave you disoriented and aimlessly spinning around on a sidewalk, but once you figure it out and regain balance you’ll have a renewed sense of purpose and a spring in your step. It’s the sound of moving on to bigger and better things. They’re UK based by way of Italy, and were kind enough to give VML the exclusive premiere of their new video for “The Turn, The Pike and The Glow.” This (sort of!) self-titled track is off their Inflatable Optimism EP which dropped this summer.

Far be it from me to compare one band to another band, but gosh darn it my reaction upon hearing this track was similar to when I got my hands on my first copy of Parklife. Remember that feeling? I’m definitely filing Turnpike Glow under #Zomigoshwherehaveyoubeenallmylife category. Makes sense as they’re produced by Dave Newfeld who has also worked with Broken Social Scene and Los Campesinos, fellow purveyors of addictive upbeat anthems. The visuals here are thanks to London director (and noted photographer srrrrsly check out his work) Sebastian Nevols.

On another note, to that long haired 20-something brunette with bangs (lovely lady) that came up to me at Homerton Library last month and I completely spaced on who you were and tried to cover my tracks blaming jet-lag: 95% of females in SHOREDITCH/HACKNEY/CAMDEN look like you. However, if you had moves like this here Turnpike Glow video vixen, you’d have popped and locked your way into my memory no problem. Anyway, after you get hooked on the video, here’s the mp3 so you can stick it in your headphones and follow suit. Thanks gentlemen! Now how about a full length and some US tourdates?


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