25 Ways The Internet Can Save Your Crappy Day


Feeling down? Turn it around with a trip to the awesomest place in town! The internet!

Sometimes The World Hates You

And Leaves You Feeling Empty.

But The Internet Always Loves You

And Will Find A Way To Make It Better.

A Land Where Photoshop Rules The Day

And Eveyone's a Badass.

It's Where The Pun Is Intended

The Good Times Strut

And Where That Is Literally 'What She Said'.

It's Where Good Ideas Go To Spread

And Bad Ones Go To Die.

Because If You're Looking For It, You Can Find It.

Even If You Didn't Know You Want It.

You Can Even Kill Time Til' Your Bagel Bites Are Done

And Eventually Forget All About Them.

Because On The Internet, Zero F*cks Are Given.

So Stop Resisting

And Get Yourself To A Private Computer

To Watch Alison Brie Boob .Gifs

(We'll Wait)

And Comment While It's Still Anonymous.

Because It Could Be Worse.

This Could Be You.

But It's Not.

And You'll Never Be Him.

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  • bigg_indc

    Too cool! Thanks for saving my crappy day VirginMobile.

  • Angie Hill

    This really did make me laugh. Love it