21 Awesome Batmen On The Internet


These are the heroes the internet deserves, not the ones it needs.

1. Protector of The Yard Batman

2. No One Will Ever See This, Right? Batman

3. Too Much Free Time Batman

4. Pajama Batman

5. Jorts Batman

6. Seems Like a Pretty Cool Guy Batman

7. Who Ate My Pop-Tarts?! Batman

8. Owns a Windowless Van Batman

9. Mom's Basement Batman

10. Dude, It's My Utility Belt... Pshhh Batman

11. Gonna' Need To Dry Clean That Batsuit Batman

12. F*ck Yeah! Batman

13. Redneck Reunion Batman

14. Super Helpful Batman

15. Totally Inconspicuous Batwomanman

16. Mr. Pickles Batman

17. Bitch, I'm Fabulous Batman

18. Failed Attorney At Law Batman

19. Catman Batman

20. Constipated Batman

21. Used To Be Batman Batman

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  • Johnoh

    Used to be bat man is the best