20 Reasons To Reapply Sunscreen


We're pretty sure that's going to leave a mark. An emotional one, too.

1. The Croc Spots

2. The Hat Trick

3. The Over The Shoulder Boulder Holder

4. The Boxers and Briefs

5. The Team Spirit

6. Dad Lines

7. The Reverse Slap

8. The Bird Flu

9. The Coy Zebra

10. The Red Badge of Courage

11. The 'Dashian

12. The Sweater Vest

13. The Time for New Friends

14. The Puzzler

15. The Pantyhose

16. The Can You Hear Me Now?

17. The Koolaid Man

18. The Fashion First

19. The Shirt Off My Back

20. The Time to Stop

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