20 Of The Best Things In Life That Are Free


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1. Restrooms at Starbucks

2. Refills at the food court

3. Cologne in magazines

4. Beers on his tab

5. Porn on the internet

6. Advice from the internet

7. The lite versions of apps

8. Butt rubs at the centre

9. This local paper (with a rising circulation)

10. These analog readers

11. Boxes at the Post Office

12. Pens from drug companies

13. Public transportation for the bold

14. 50" TVs on trash day

15. These here tars

16. Sex with robots

17. Pepsi from the past

18. Jimmy's Shrugs

19. Everything on FreeNapkin.com

20. Virgin Mobile FreeFest 2012 presented by LG

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  • Jay

    Haha a kid watching porn so funny. Haha easy access to porn for kids haha so funny. Not. Free porn, any type of porn is messed up and wrong.