20 Famous Dudes That Had Really Hot Daughters


Way to go dad!

1. Jon Voight --> Angelina Jolie

2. Joe Mantegna --> Gia Mantegna

3. Van Dammage --> Bianca Van Varenberg

4. Robin Williams --> Zelda Rae Williams

5. Brian Williams --> Allison Williams

6. Steven Tyler --> Liv Tyler

7. Muhammad Ali --> Laila Ali

8. Phil Collins --> Lily Collins

9. Clint Eastwood --> Alison Eastwood

10. Laurence Fishburne --> Montana Fishburne

11. Wayne Gretzky --> Paulina Gretzky

12. Ron Howard --> Bryce Dallas Howard

13. Lenny Kravitz --> Zoe Kravitz

14. Harvey Keitel --> Stella Keitel

15. Donald Trump --> Ivanka Trump

16. Billy Ray Cyrus --> Miley Cyrus

17. Quincy Jones --> Rashida Jones

18. Casey Kasem --> Kerri Kasem

19. Gavin Rossdale --> Daisy Lowe

20. Keith Richards --> Alexandra Richards

What other celeb dads have good-looking daughters?

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  • Taang61

    nice that you added other races to the mix

  • AM3RIG

    SUPER- Jaw Drop Gorgeous!

  • http://twitter.com/sburda ● Steven Burda, MBA


  • just me

    lol loving Donald Trump's hair!!!!!!!!!!!

    • VirginMobileLive

      Ha! Donald's hair made us chuckle too ;)

  • Bcafishy1998

    omg thats soooo creepy

  • Maya78

    Brain Williams and Mohamed Ali's daughters are very gorgeous young ladies

  • AB

    Theodora Richards is equally as gorgeous as her sister!

  • joseph

    mr.beans daughter

  • Felicia Toomey

    Don't get me wrong, everyday people has hot children, too, are they hot, because, of their parents, or they hot, because you want to, why, because they are the hot girls of famous people, right, I am hoping that is all that is

  • Susanna Marie Gomez

    Eh. Women all over look like this. To me they just look like the average day-to-day females.

  • pd

    Gee just maybe Bruce Dern and his daughter...I mean, how did they miss that one? Anybody see wild at heart or ramblin rose or jurassic park or blue velvet...can u say laura dern?

  • jk

    Why are they all in lingerie???