20 Awkward Celebrity Twitpic Moments With Fans


The life of a celebrity isn't all Maybachs and movie premieres. Sometimes you have to deal with the common folk too.

1. Jack Nicholson and the Joker

2. Danica Patrick signs some chest beefers

3. Jerry Seinfeld - What's the deal with that?

4. Hayden Panettiere keeps the world safe from the spread of diseases

5. Spike Lee is so f@cking excited to meet you!!!!!!!!!!

6. Lady Gaga - um, rawwr

7. George Bush doesn't care about young people

8. Henry Rollins meets his angry as f@ck fanbase

9. Remember that kid from the Terminator? Yeah, things didn't really work out.

10. Set phasers on run

11. It's hard when your fans are more fabulous than you

12. I'm your biggest fan. I smell all your records.

13. Right after this picture was taken Gary Busey ate one of his own fingers

14. Right after this picture was taken, Carrot Top asked if he could borrow $5

15. Don't stand too close to mildly sedated Hugh Grant

16. Hey! I know that guy!

17. Dude, Luke Skywalker. And me without my meds.

18. Just having a beer, in a boot, with my new best friend, and waiting to die

19. Call me "Buffy"

20. Well looky here

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  • Nilestheninja

    The Luke Perry one is by far the best; however the Katy Perry is almost equal in amazingness of scenarios. I just wonder where one would possibly find themselves in a position to pose for a backdropped photo with Dylan from 90210? He is still hot tho; maybe better now than ever. Or maybe he just looks hot next to that lady. Whatever. The Rob Pattinson one is classic; busted! Cute!