19 Completely Absurd Cell Phone Accessories


You can pretty much pimp out your phone in a million ridiculous ways. Here are 19 of our favorite cellphone accessories for adding flare to the most important product of the 21st century.

1. Cellphone Bra Pocket

2. Phone Balls

3. 8-Bit Warp Pipe Cellphone Dock

4. iPhone Gun Accessory for Augmented Reality Shooting

5. Garden Charging Station

6. Big Ear Cellphone Case

7. Kewpie Dolls Phone Strap

8. Android-Powered Espresso Maker

9. Hugvie - The Huggable Robot Cellphone Holder With A Heartbeat

10. Cellphone Skateboard

11. Holding Hands Cellphone Case

12. Phone Arcade

13. Neck Pillow Cellphone Pocket

14. Zack Morris Cellphone Case

15. Ear Cushion Attachment

16. Cellphone Winshield Wiper

17. Tiger Paw Phone Cleaner Clip

18. Ghetto Blaster Docking Station

19. Cellphone Bike Horn

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  • Bryanna Arnold

    oh, wooooow

  • solidsafety0223

    Those are creapy

  • Bob

    The neck pillow is a great idea , while your sleeping on a plane someone can just come along and steel your phone . Genius

  • billybobtexsun

    Far Out!