15 Reasons Kids Should Stop Playing Video Games


Kids all scary making pictures that freak everybody out. Boo - Virgin Mobile



1. BIlly has a dark side



2. Lil' Donnie Trump had a different vision for his tower



3. They most certainly do not!



4. The family that slays together...



5. Yellow pants = evil



6. Just some good clean modern warfare



7. Seriously? Who still uses a continuous stationary printer?



8. Pretty sure Lemmy live here



9. In case you were wondering what goes on at Skullcrusher Mountain



10. Tim Burton just hired this guy



11. Not a single flower for mom?



12. My guess is not good. Not good at all.



13. Volcanoes, skateboards, and swords... it IS the best XXX ever!



14. Time to order that pig's blood colored prom dress



15. This reminds me of the scariest haiku I have ever heard of



Much Love,

Virgin Mobile

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