15 Musicians And Their Signature Dance Moves


They got the moves. We got the Gifs.


1. Jack White attempts a moonwalk


2. Say hello to the Boss's 'lil' friend


3. Prince makes everyone wish he hadn't


4. ZZ Top go round and round


5. Skrillex fights epilepsy


6. Cee Lo Green impersonates a white guy


7. Santigold goes all Santigoldilocks


8. Snoop can work it


9. Axl Rose does the Axl Rose (It's what he do)


10. Allen Stone almost takes flight


11. Rihanna does the hokey pokey possibly?


12. Pissed Jeans bleh bleck blah bloo


13. M83 dry humps errything


14. Paul and John swinging


15. Meatloaf pinches off a meatloaf


Much Love,

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