12 Genius Party Hacks


Now you can be the life of the party, even if you suck! Party On - Virgin Mobile


1. Use Frozen Grapes to Chill Wine



2. Amplify Tunes Without External Speakers



3. Sneak in Booze With Bread



4. Pour the Perfect Drink

So that's what Solo Cup means...



5. Use Your Shoe to Open Wine in a Pinch



6. Use a Clip to Stack Beer Easily



7. Chill Warm Beer in 2 Minutes with Salt and Ice



8. Open a Bottle with Another Bottle



9. No Laptop, No Problem - Use a Glass Vase to Play Music from Your Phone



10. Paper Towels Under Cartons Will Roll Cans Forward



11. Make Any Drink Glow With Tonic Water



12. Label Each Cooler With Empty Boxes



Much Love,

Virgin Mobile

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  • Ki EuKiTo

    1. Frozen grapes are also delicious coated in chocolate. Avoid letting them freeze solid however.

    2. Mini USB speakers are better & not that expensive.

    3. Yes, because carrying a whole loaf of bread into a game isn't strange at all.

    4. Solo cup actually means you're likely to end up alone if you always have one.

    5. That doesn't seem very easy. Try to be more prepared in life, that's better.

    6. Once on, the binder clip's handles can be removed. Also a bungee cord can also work. bungees with plastic or rubber coated hooks will avoid rusting.

    7. SCIENCE! Also, the solution for number 5 also applies here.

    8. Depending on which opens, things could get interesting.

    9. Ah, a hurricane vase. Good for more than just a giant novelty shot glass.

    10. Drinks shouldn't be stored like this in the fridge. They take longer to cool. Try the technique for number 6.

    11. What black magic is THIS?!

    12. Clearly, you should not use scissors when drunk.

  • Dale Enomoto

    Here's a trick to get room-temperature wine chilled quickly: Pour the wine into a plastic bag and place bag and empty bottle in freezer. After 10-15 minutes, remove both and funnel the wine back into the bottle.
    You can eat the frozen grapes like little bite-sized popsicles. Seriously!
    If you freeze grapes solid, you should eat them like that. They don't really thaw very well.