10 Ways You Know You Were Born Before The Internet


Back in the olden days, a super ridiculous weekend included copying newspaper headlines by smooshing them with Silly Putty. Now, well…

1. Soda can tabs are the original Facebook "Like"

AT FIRST WE WERE LIKE: See how many people care about a cause by collecting a million soda can tabs and sending them somewhere to be counted.

BUT NOW WE'RE ALL: “Like” a Facebook post to get someone to plank naked on a police car.

2. Magna Doodles are the original iPad

AT FIRST WE WERE LIKE: Let's use our imagination with a Magna Doodle!

BUT NOW WE'RE ALL: Use an iPad.


3. 'Spin The Bottle' is the original MATCH

AT FIRST WE WERE LIKE: Leave it to chance by spinning a bottle and hoping the other person wasn't Scott. (Ew, Scott.)

BUT NOW WE'RE ALL: Find a match by filling out a questionnaire and hoping someone else answered exactly the way you did. (Unless they're Scott. Ew, Scott.)


4. 'America’s Funniest Home Videos' is the original YouTube

AT FIRST WE WERE LIKE: I'm gonna watch funny stuff on TV Sunday night.

BUT NOW WE'RE ALL: I'm going on YouTube eeeeryday.


5. Trading cards are the original memes

AT FIRST WE WERE LIKE: Let's collect and share Garbage Pail Kids.

BUT NOW WE'RE ALL: Following meme blogs.


6. Autographs are the original celeb retweet

AT FIRST WE WERE LIKE: OMG I think he just looked at me!!



7. Game cartridges are the original apps

AT FIRST WE WERE LIKE: Categorizing our Atari cartridges and lining them up on the floor.

BUT NOW WE'RE ALL: Organizing all our game apps on one screen.


8. Library card catalogs are the original Kindle store

AT FIRST WE WERE LIKE: Search for a book by alphabetical criteria, then go find it in the library.

BUT NOW WE'RE ALL: Type what you know in a search bar and find it in a list of search results.


9. Clue is the original CSI

AT FIRST WE WERE LIKE: Let's play Clue with our friends to figure out who dunnnit.

BUT NOW WE'RE ALL: I'm going to spend hours in bed watching CSI marathons on Spike TV.


10. Dads are the original hipsters

AT FIRST WE WERE LIKE: Dad what are you doing?

BUT NOW WE'RE ALL: Dad you are amazing.

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  • Bryanna Arnold

    wow i was born after the internet and i still remember most of that