10 Surprising Music Samples That Turned Into Hit Songs


Little a dis, little a dat. How songs you might not know made the songs you love. Much Love - Virgin Mobile

Mo Money Mo Problems - The Notorious B.I.G.

2 parts Diana Ross to 1 part Soul Sonic Force is a recipe for Mo Problems.


Say No Go - De La Soul

This Emotions classic plus this Hoates classic equals this De La classic.


99 Problems - Jay-Z

Billy Squire's Big Beats, and Wilson Pickett's Engine #9, and some other stuff, adds up to 99 b!tchless problems.


Know How - Young MC

Bongo Rock and Shaft provide the funky base to one of Hip Hop's greatest.


Egg Man - Beastie Boys

Funk soul masterpieces by Sly Stone and Curtis Mayfield make up this Beastie's great from Paul's Boutique (easily the best hip hop album for samples ever).


Got Money - Lil Wayne

Hurricane Chris and Rihanna's Umbrella provide the stormy weather for this Lil Wayne tour de force.


Live Fast Die Young - Rick Ross

Funky President, If This World Were Mine, that's what I'd be. I'd Live Fast Die Young.


Gravel Pit - Wu Tang Clan

Cameo cod pieces make it funky now with Grant Green to create Wu Tang's ode to quarries.


The Show Goes On - Lupe Fiasco

A dash of Modest Mouse and a sprinkle of Weezy keeps the show going on.


History - Mos Def

Magical Mary Wells plus Talib Kweli has the makings of History.


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  • Jay

    Only song on here I like is Say No Go. Why? Cause it samples one of my favorites songs I Can't Go For That and it's against drugs and there's no stupid cuss words or PA sticker. The rest embodies all the reasons why I hate most rap music. And I'm Black...